Healing Oneself Naturally

Healing Your Body Naturally

Let me explain how I have come to this conclusion on just how to heal yourself naturally. I was diagnosed with multiple fibroid tumors over 10 years ago. This chronic condition was literally taking over my life to the point that I was so focus on getting well that I would do anything to make it happen. The pain that a women suffers with fibroids cannot be explained in this blog. As many of you know, this is very limiting. I would find myself not wanting to go out with my husband or friends for fear of bleeding so heavy that I would spend most of my time in the bathroom. You are constantly worried about clothing, movement, and just living your life like a normal person. My situation actually became very serious because my bleeding was so heavy I became an anemic. The doctor actually told me that I would bleed to death. I would see doctor after doctor to get help. The last count was actually 21 to be correct and not one of them could help me. I had pure frustration daily and wondering would I ever regain my life again. I was tired of not feeling fancy and free. I wanted to be able to just tell my husband “Yes, honey we can go out” or when it was girls night out I wanted to just enjoy without having to sit the whole time for the fear of getting up to a bloody mess. Well, after going through all of this I was able to find the right doctor to handle my acute case of fibroids. I opted to get the surgery myomectomy and I was so glad that I did especially finding out that I had 16 tumors with one the size of a grapefruit. My organ was starting to shut down because the tumors was taking a toll on my insides. The surgery went very well for me as the doctor was able to get all 16 tumors out of my body. I notice that my hair which is naturally long was starting to break off. In other words, my nutrition and body chemistry had suffered greatly with fibroids. So, I started to do more research for myself because the doctor’s really do not have a clue about this disease or should I say the condition. I learned that certain foods can contribute to the growth of fibroids as well as leading a stressful life. The more I learned on my own the more dedicated I was for finding a cure. I started to change my diet and stay away from things that could cause those monsters to come back. I noticed just making some changes to my diet has helped me to feel better and stronger. My hair came back stronger and after 2 year post-surgery. I have been fibroid free! I could see that your diet plays a crucial role in fibroids during and after surgery. I could tell I was on to something and wanted to be fully trained in nutrition with a specialty in fibroid healing. I’m happy to say that I did just that and became Board Certified in Integrative Nutrition. I created this blog to help heal other women with fibroids naturally. I want to be the support they need in providing information that is important for their healing because I was once them. I’m very dedicated to getting answers from the medical community to help eradicate this chronic limiting condition once and for all. I want to show my fellow sisters that they can have a life just by healing themselves naturally. It can be done!!

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